1. KongStuffN says

    Your husband looks very young

  2. Jingocat says

    Why do you hide your hairbrush?

  3. SixGunZen says

    This is the most disturbing and also the most adorable thing I’ve seen in weeks.

  4. swtyler808 says

    A cabbage patch kid.

  5. SnooComics1157 says

    Shrek’s child human version

  6. ohwoez says

    Baby Trump

  7. bigoats says

    Very cute. Kinda gross. Not the baby, just the loose hair.

  8. leroysolay says

    There will be hell toupee

  9. skaterdude_222 says

    I have the best hair, real hair. Everybody is saying it. Everybody.

  10. Cluelessish says

    Why does someone leave that much hair in their hairbrush?!

  11. MsPrincessFabulous says

    I won’t lie, I get great joy out of pulling the hair out of my brush. Its cathartic for some reason. And when there is somewhere fun to put it…even better.

  12. taste_fart says

    Your husband has a beautiful yellow dress and very smooth legs!

  13. eatingthey says

    Poor child.

  14. JessDatip says

    Wheres the bird that did this

  15. zakzaktiger says

    Baby josuke

  16. blasteryui says

    That’s gross.

  17. 4sventy says

    So, you named him Donald?

  18. onebadmex66 says

    Is your husband Donald Trumps hairdresser?

  19. LegionMk1 says

    Well that’s one for that album full of embarrassing photos that every family seems to stash away. Pretty sure there is a picture of me somewhere of me at 1 year old sat in a kitchen sink butt naked covered in bubbles.

  20. Athena5210 says

    I hate this so much lmao

  21. Interesting_Account1 says

    This.. is going to be the greatest poop.. of all time.

  22. moralmeemo says

    I hope to have a relationship like that, with someone who can tolerate me doing stupid shit like this. Kiddo is gonna grow up in a great place with parents who love (her?).

  23. thehunter699 says

    Damn, that’s alot or hair in a hairbrush.

  24. Detholator says

    Awww. She’s got her momma’s hair.

  25. Kiwifisch says

    Kind of looks like Macklemore.

  26. yublaze26 says

    why would you put your nasty dandruff dirty brush hair on your newborn?

  27. Snow_Usual says

    And literally NO ONE Notice it was Mom posting the picture!!! Look at the legs people..
    Goodness she is just trying to make a joke . Laugh a bit. Lol love the baby taupe. Lol.

  28. muszyzm says

    That is disgusting on so many levels.

  29. gapjunction says

    Holy fuck one of the ugliest looking babies ever.

  30. coldgator says

    That is so gross

  31. DrIanMcFly says

    Looks like they just made a “YUGE” mess in their diaper 😂

  32. Sensual_Razor_Wire says

    This is so fucking great. I didn’t read the title before opening the pic. I almost spit out my bourbon! What a cute kid! Shame about that Donald Trump hair!

  33. PiggeryJokery says

    Baby Trump do do do do do do

  34. spaycedinvader says

    The longer you stare the more it seems like it moves

  35. datshortninja says

    That little dude really got taken on the new rug. Hope they kept the receipt.

  36. crazyamericano says

    A young Peter Griffin

  37. ronimal48 says

    I cant post what I did when I found my gfs hair brush

  38. cmlambert89 says

    Gross. *upvotes

  39. Cheeznchips says

    That is cute as hell!

  40. Swazz_tekz says

    The baby’s your hairbrush?

  41. corndevil82 says

    This is too funny.

  42. beefeld says

    Made me spit my wine out my nose. Thank you 😊

  43. RabidEwok29 says

    Make Naptime Disappear Again

  44. beer5cents says

    why baby you have such long hairy legs…!

  45. obisanshinobi says

    This is what nightmares are made of

  46. Commodore_Vanderbilt says

    to the moon

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