1. AbstractBettaFish says

    Who baked the Nazi cake? I’m no baker but that seems really difficult?

  2. giant_grapefruit says

    Political opinion reveal cake

  3. Emochind says

    This sub sometimes

  4. Parastract says

    The cake is the lie

  5. TerraPrime2350 says

    do you feel attacked when women have an opinion or when gay people hold hands? then we recommend **our nation’s values™** take a pill a day and keep the human rights away!

    ^(our nation’s values™ may include: being an uneducated idiot, fragile masculinity and racism. for more side effects contact your local bullshit-spreading priest)

  6. shaythin says

    “I swear it’s not a swastika, it’s just an Indian peace sign that I use…For our white, European, christian traditions…just like India…”

  7. stefanos916 says

    We should just do what’s best for us despite what is or isn’t tradition . If a traditional is beneficial we should keep it , if it’s harmful we should abolish it.

  8. -2053- says

    There is nothing traditional about nazism

  9. Debre1024 says

    There’s a weird brand of Federalist that exists exclusively on twitter that basically checks all the boxes for “average neo-nazi” except they’re also massive Europhiles – which is ironic given that the EU was founded with the express intent of ensuring these goblins never rise to power & attempt to destroy this continent again. Glad we don’t have them here. This a nice community with good people & I hope it stays that way.👍

  10. AureusSol says

    Those are not really the same things. (And I’m not even a conservative)

    Whilst I dislike extremist politics, we have to recognise that “softer” ideologies such as Traditionalists and Liberals, both have their own legitimate reasons for thinking the way they do.

    If you think a progressive society is the best thing, they might think that we’re going too far with it. (Again I’m not justifying extremists).

    I just think that it sets us back many years, if we cannot approach politics with a level head, and instead of doing that, we constantly demonise people with differing views with labels such as “Fascist or Commie”

    I know this was meant to be a joke, but I just needed to vent somewhere

  11. alemonman says

    Embracing the traditions of your nation can give you a sense of self, just like embracing your sexuality, gender or religion. Traditional values, or the norms and ideologies these people mean aren’t immediately a bad thing, but are usually executed quite badly. In my opinion, right wing extremists say they want to return to the old values, while those who actually wish to are not all nazis.

  12. Soft-Policy5204 says

    the slice is upside down… or is it !?

  13. reddittsuck673 says

    When cake becomes trash 😂

  14. sebonran says

    Hi! Do you have a template/source image for this? It’s great.

  15. LifeIsNotMyFavourite says

    Ah yes, people who don’t agree with me: nazi

  16. 6D0NDada9 says

    why is this even here in21st century?

  17. D1ZZYM1DG3T says

    Looks good though

  18. currencygrease says

    Imagine always thinking this is the case. Real “boogeyman” pathology. People on the right do this with communism as well. When the real enemy is global capital.

  19. kardfogK says

    Wow so funny imegin careing about your own country and its cultur and history instex of just going to gremany to work there and clam that we are all yuropians after some oldgermansmadefun off you for saying that you are one of them

  20. MekMusMeh33 says

    “The cake is a lie.” said they.

  21. random_boi12345 says

    Peer pressure from dead people is obviously the best way to approach modern problems

  22. Grim9595 says


  23. Jtcr2001 says

    I don’t think it’s fair to characterize all traditionalists as Nazis. There are many moderate traditionalist conservatives who abhor Naziism.

  24. kotubljauj says

    Nice strawman, bro. It would be a shame if someone…


  25. teszes says

    Traditional values are just peer pressure from dead people. In this case, peer pressure from people executed in Nuremberg.

  26. FireLama says

    Very simplistic view point that tries to paint anything not left leaning as nazi…

    There is lots of societal value and personal benefits in traditional values like Hard work, raising a family, being a good neighbor, etc. That is not Nazi.

  27. DarkstarFIN says

    Yes, I will support traditional Christian family and community values, problem commie?

  28. thorkhas says

    The nazi sign is slightly tilted so the baker maybe really meant to draw a swastika

  29. changomacho says

    worst gender reveal party ever

  30. plf1969 says

    Stupid offensive crap

  31. Kingofald says

    Retarded westerner who doesn’t know what fascism and communism is. Nothing new.

    >What you think that legalizing prostitution is bad thing. You are literal Hitler.

    >What you think that jailing someone for phedophilia is bad thing. You are literal Hitler

    >What you think that decriminalizing use of hard drugs is bad thing. You are literal Hitler.

    Yeah and also religious people (especialy catholics) were strongly against Hitler before the war.

  32. the_count_aga says

    No. I like the joke but that’s just not true.

  33. Flunkedoutpunkedout says

    Morals make you a nazi now? Jeez. Too bad Orwell didn’t live long enough to see his books become reality.

  34. dudewhatthehellman says

    So the EPP are basically Nazis, got it.

  35. Buttsuit69 says

    It seems today, that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV.

    But where are those good old fashioned values, on which we used to relyyyy

  36. MoritzIstKuhl says

    Uhh I don’t know. If that would be true every country except of Germany would be nazi because I think most of the country’s in the world except Germany loves they’re culture and history and they’re traditions. Germany is like the one depressed guy who hates himself for what his grand grand father did and he judges everyone else for being a little proud on themselves.

    I bet this meme was made by a German 👌🏽

  37. dougrighteous says

    so this format makes no sense. but the nazi cake needed context i guess

  38. floating_helium says

    I hope the photo is from Asia

  39. ranixon says

    Unedited pic?

  40. Ferocetis says

    Well, it’s Indo-European after all.

  41. Commonusername89 says

    How stupid. This is effortless trash.

  42. GeshtiannaSG says

    If it’s “upright” it’s a symbol for good luck. Only if you rotate it 45° it becomes bad.

  43. HayesValleyBae says

    Lol damn

  44. anarchyisinevitble says

    #Problem? 🙂

  45. Fit_Essay_7242 says

    Lol you’re all snowflakes

  46. DerDeineAkteKennt says

    Traditional values is a oxymoron.

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