1. GaymeGuy92 says

    🐺🍪🥣 or 🐯🌽🥣

  2. Penhallam says

    Don’t make me choose!

  3. After-Bumblebee says

    Both are delicious!

  4. Friendly-Leader-62 says

    Cookie crisps😋
    Legoshi is tasty… uh… sorry

  5. Phoenix_Reditt says

    Whats the milk?

  6. Kirbo84 says

    Haru: Where’s the Trix?

  7. RainbowSen87 says

    Why not both

  8. m1ksuFI says

    Y’all eating candy for breakfast?

  9. _JosephExplainsIt_ says

    I love Frosted Flakes

  10. phil_shit says

    Cookie crisp succ change my mind

  11. Catermellon8559 says

    CoOkIe aLl tHe WaY

  12. Big-Piano-7016 says


  13. Masternoob411 says

    But what about French Toast Crunch?

  14. NakkiPeruna says

    Frosted flakes are my fave cereal

  15. WolfBoi87 says

    Cookie crisp ftw

  16. LandscapeWest says

    Why not just mix them both to make the best cereal ever?

  17. Calypsothedog says

    Okay but Frosted Flakes? Kinda bussin

  18. Commander_PonyShep says

    Yeah, I’d rather oatmeal, because it’s much lower in fat and sugar, and it also has fiber, as well. Plus, Mexico banned food mascots, because they tempt kids into purchasing and eating unhealthy junk food, like Satan tempting Eve into eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and eventually getting her and Adam expelled from the Garden of Eden for doing so. Except instead of providing infinite knowledge, the food itself just makes people obese and diabetic.

  19. YeetCraft19 says

    asbestos and bricks

  20. Cherrytonboi says

    As much as I love Legosi, his cereal sucks 😆

  21. hydrofyre2455 says

    what the actual *hecc,* I changed my discord pfp to the old Legosi Cookie Crisp edit a couple days ago and ever since then I keep seeing Cookie Crisp memes everywhere

  22. That_other_guy234 says

    I eat the bowls instead of the cereal so tough decision 🤔:P

  23. TheWinten says

    cookie crisp because a wolf is suggesting them to me

  24. LegitimateFarmer5 says

    Cinnamon toast crunch

  25. Jaxel1906 says

    Why not have both… At once

  26. MoxxyFoxxy787 says

    Haru could be the trix rabbit

  27. AmericanBoy505 says

    Cookie Crisp

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