1. pdgenoa says

    How is it possible so many people don’t understand the massive difference between lab grown (cultured) meat and meat *substitutes*?

    This is real meat – not 30% or 80%, but 100% real meat. Impossible burgers and the like, are substitutes for meat.

  2. SeaSixSend says

    If you want to learn more about lab-grown meat, r/WheresTheBeef is the main subreddit about it. There are a lot of scientists there who are working on it too which is cool.

  3. stinky_beans says

    Finally, I can eat human meat without judgement or jail time.

  4. LethalChemistry says

    Hey if it tastes like steak, has the same texture as steak, and doesn’t harm my body any more than steak… I’m game.

  5. buddinbonsai says

    I’m all for lab grown meat. I think it’s a great solution and alternative to meat.

    But out of curiosity – does anybody have a breakdown of the GHG emissions in a kg of farmed beef vs a kg of lab grown meat? I know the lab-grown is obviously a better alternative, but do we know by how much?

  6. Pepepipipopo says

    I love me some lab-grown meat but is it the MOST impactful? I always thought that renewables or carbon capture would be a more impactful technology to reverse the climate crisis… Cool

  7. Flushles says

    I’m hoping for custom meats like a blend of muscle and organ meats, people should eat more organ meats but there’s not a demand for them (in the US) and not enough to go around anyway.

  8. grambell789 says

    my only fears about lab grown meat is how food manufactuers constantly optimize for taste and dump sugar and salt into everything and ruin it. my fear is meat will be the new doritos.

  9. bond0815 says

    *Reverse* climate change?

    Does this meat somehow disintegrate carbon in the atmosphere?

    I am all for lab grown meat, but slowing isnt the same as reversing.

  10. Horace_P_MctittiesIV says

    If they can make it taste like real meat and look like it I’m all for the fake meat

  11. LimpWibbler_ says

    We need to stop upvoting false info. This will not reverse climate change. It will slow down the impact of humans on the environment and make it happen slower and or stabilize. There is no reverse the damage is done. You can’t reverse a car wreck by taking the parts and building a new car. You just repair it.

  12. elvensnowfae says

    I for one am super excited by this. I’m vegetarian (I know some are against fake meats because they’re “too real” but I’m not). I would for sure try this. Maybe they’ll make a meat crumble version for tacos/enchiladas and not just patties. So many possibilities! Thank you science lol

  13. Mortazo says

    Lab meat will be the thing that actually kills animal agriculture. I don’t think most people are willing to go plant-based, but would probably eat lab meat (which is technically vegan). Farmed meat will soon only exist as an overpriced luxury good produced on boutique farms with better ethical and environmental standards than current intensive systems.

  14. MathewHavocB says

    ”Why Lab-Grown Meat Is Emerging As The Most Impactful Step To Reverse Climate Change”

    Because people refuse to give up meat that’s why, article litterally even states that

    ”But there will be people who may not be willing to compromise with their taste buds.
    So, some experts believe that cultured meat or lab-grown meat may be the future of the meat industry and could lead to a more sustainable, as well as environmentally friendly non-vegetarian society.”

    So going vegan is actually still the most impactfull way but they realize people are selfish and won’t do so.

  15. Hades_Myth says

    Lab grown meat is great but I do not believe it is the most impactful thing to do to reverse climate change. We need to be more focused on the fossil fuel industry rather than the meat industry, not saying that the meat industry isn’t guilty of negative climate changes.

  16. GoodAtExplaining says

    Based on the quality and taste of what’s available on a regular basis at my supermarket, I think lab grown meat would be an upgrade, honestly.

    The beef we get at grocery stores now doesn’t really seem to be the same quality, and that’s also true with chickens that are more water than meat now.

    Lab grown meat wouldn’t really be too much of a change if they get it close.

  17. infinite_inquiry says

    I’d like to know if the lab grown stuff still causes cancer at the same rate. It would be incredible if it didn’t.

  18. Lemmiwinks99 says

    Once again the market comes in for the win. Gotta love capitalism.

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