1. Mischief-Managed_ says

    Teach them “modesty” but also have them line up topless for a strange man? He doesn’t even know what he wants.

  2. dickwae says

    reverse the roles for these incels, giant one story building full of “E”s. no women ever visit or contact their mommies. they can all talk about how women suck and sob each other to sleep

  3. meta_irl says

    >”Hello Anon, I see you are a Class E male. Please take the stairs down the basement to find your appropriately-matched wife.”

    >Anon trudges down into the depths of the building, hating his life and dreaming of a world where he was free to woo any woman. “Then,” he says to himself, “I could finally be happy.”

  4. BDRParty says

    Under 18 topless girls to be picked like cattle for sex & obedience?

    Oh boy, the side of #savethechildren & “kill pedophiles” doin’ real good here.

  5. Orenwald says


    SIXTEEN? this incel wants to look at 16 year old girl titties? And they say Hillary Clinton runs a pedo ring

  6. jeahboi says

    This mashup of “Brave New World” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” sucks. Zero stars.

  7. Kichigai says

    >Minimal math for grocery shopping and measurements

    There’s a lot to unpack in this one, I’m surprised it’s not being discussed more. *Minimal* math, because too much math is bad.

    Smart women bad. Too much knowledge spoils the brain. Makes her uppity. She may even feel superior to her husband in some ways. They need to be kept dumb, or else they may try and be independent.

    I’ll bet 6,000 quatloos this guy also thinks it’s the “women’s job” to help the kids with their homework. How’s mommy going to help Timmy with his trigonometry when she can barely add and subtract?

    I have a strong suspicion that this guy would tell you American slavery (which included criminalizing teaching literacy and math to slaves) wasn’t that bad, and that everything bad that happened to former slaves immediately following the Emancipation Proclamation, including the way they were preyed upon for their lack of literacy and math, was basically their own fault, and the white slavers who supported this system of oppression were blameless.

  8. Derangedteddy says

    Imagine a husband school where you shut the fuck up Kyle

  9. Sarcastic_Troll says

    This is r/inceltear They are another cult outside of the Alt-Right and Q

  10. Snickerty says

    I love hate this. I mean they are grading women from E throught to A and think they can just “choose” not just which women but also which ‘grade of women’. Yeah sure you gonna get a grade A woman, mmmmm sure!

    If this was how things worked, then men would have to pay for this priveledge. The higher the ‘grade’ the more expensive the dowery and surely men with highly desirable daughters would have higher expectations of future son in laws!

    >”Oh you would like my daughter? Yes I have spent a lot of money to ensure she has the domestic skills of Martha Stewart, the cooking skills of Mary Berry, the gardening skills of Gertrude Jekyll, the hostess skills of a Doweger Duchess. Animal care?
    >Oh yes,she may be a breastily booby 16 year old but she has absolutley completed a four year vetenary course and a post graduate course in nursing, another in midwifery and yet another in pyschiatry. She has also qualified as a Norland nanny AND her building skills are second to none. She built her first home from scratch at the tender age of nine.
    >She can paint, draw, sing and play the piano. She can dance the Gay Gordans or the the very straight “Gathering Peascods”. She can spin, dye, weave, sew, knit, crochet, embroider, tapestry, quilt and make lace.
    >She has advanced “minimal math” – she has excellent mental arthimatic: she can add, subtract, divide, multiply all upto four figure numbers. She knows her times tables upto 25. She can measure in metric AND imperal – bushiells, stones, rods, gills, chains and pecks – every imperial measurement back to Anglo saxon times! She can calculate time (both am/pm and 24hr clock) distance, area, weight, height, length, depth and speed. She can do percentages in her head. And of course she can use money – workout change, assess the efficency of discounts and offers, convert across curencies, understand loan replayment rates, bank interest rates and taxes and of course excels at bookkeeping and accountancy.
    >And only 16 years old! We are very proud of her!”
    >So future son in law, what skills do you have? “

  11. AwesomePawesome99 says

    Lol put me in wife school. I would love to see these chuds try

  12. HallucinogenicFish says

    Oh look, more Nazi shit. What a surprise.

    > Documents found in Germany’s Federal Archive reveal a program designed to turn young women into perfect Nazi wives, with rules on how to cook, sew, iron, breed children and also worship Der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. According to report in Britain’s Daily Mail tabloid, these “bride schools” in Nazi Germany were run by Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, the leader of the NS-Frauenschaft (National Socialist Women’s League) and a close friend of SS chief Heinrich Himmler.

    > Scholtz-Klink’s schools were attended by girlfriends and fiancées of SS officers and other Nazi functionaries, who were instructed in the basics of “washing, cooking, child care and home design.” They also received training in how to entertain at cocktail parties and proper topics of conversation. They were also taught “special knowledge of race and genetics.” Himmler wanted the schools to produce ideal German wives in order to guarantee a “strong family life to create a strong, pure nation.” He viewed women principally as breeders to bear and raise Aryan children for the future of the Reich. Himmler signed a decree in 1936, three years after Hitler came to power, ordering women who wished to marry SS members to sign up for the course.

    [How To Be A Perfect Nazi Wife: Documents Reveal ‘Bridal Schools’ For Women Who Wanted To Marry SS Officers](https://www.ibtimes.com/how-be-perfect-nazi-wife-documents-reveal-bridal-schools-women-who-wanted-marry-ss-1383573)

  13. mandarinhamroll says

    Topless 16 year old girls? Sounds like someone needs his adrenochrome fix…

  14. hates_all_bots says

    They kind of had something similar with the “maternity homes” in Nazi Germany as part of the Lebensborn program. Right wing morons have no new ideas.

  15. bleftbart says

    Of course he uses the Japanese grading system.

  16. thlaylirah17 says

    Where do they wear their name tag if they’re topless

  17. Freedumbdclxvi says

    That’s a lot of words to say “No one will fuck me”.

  18. VastScene says

    I get the feeling this was typed one handed.

    This is also a lot of fucking work for sex and companionship. The amount of money to maintain the wife schools would be incredible and it sounds like it’s hard enough to get teachers as is too. In a few years all the wife schools would be understaffed and underfunded, then these guys would be complaining about how “wife school” isn’t pumping out high quality wives anymore. Plus a wife whose only goal is to work for me? Hard pass.

    The money would be better invested in mass transit and affordable housing. Then these guys can just hop on the train to meet with people for sex and friendship.

  19. randomwellwisher says

    You’re in luck! Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, Indiana offers a [Marriage and Motherhood](https://hylesanderson.edu/marriage-and-motherhood/) degree, for the woman who wants all of the work of college, with none of the advantages of an accredited degree or an education.

    Your course of study includes:

    Old Testament Survey
    Personal Evangelism
    Life Skills
    Christian Womanhood I
    Electives (2 credits)
    Bible electives (4 credits)
    Child Psychology
    New Testament Survey
    Christian Womanhood II
    21st-Century Missions
    Personal Finance

    Systematic Theology I
    Women of the Bible
    Clothing Design and Construction I
    The Christian Wife
    Baptist Principles and Preachers
    Secretarial Procedures
    United States History I
    Home Management
    Clothing Design and Construction II
    Women Used of God
    Beginning Cooking

    Junior Year
    Philosophy of Education
    Clothing Design and Construction III
    How to Rear Infants
    Fundamentals of Music
    How to Schedule Your Time
    Credits toward minor (3 credits)
    Canning and Freezing
    Home Decorating
    Crock-Pot Cooking
    Activities for the Home, Church, and School
    Writing Seminar
    Children’s Literature
    Cooking for Guests

    How to Rear Teenagers
    Woman the Completer
    Bible electives (2 credits):
    Women in Christian Ministry
    Counseling Women
    Credits toward minor (6 credits)
    Credits toward minor (13 credits)
    Electives (2 credits)
    Nursery and Child Care

    Hop on it, ladies!

  20. ArdyAy_DC says

    “Topless girls aged 16-22”…

    Here’s hoping the feds raid this dude in the coming days or weeks.

  21. universalcode says

    This is a great writing prompt for a dystopian nightmare of a novel.

  22. Boy-Abunda says

    > You are a low to middle status man

    Yeah, no shit. I’m guessing you aren’t exactly sending your best to these female chattel slaves.

    “Hey Jane, meet Jack. He is an alcoholic farm worker with a 3rd grade education that will beat you often, provide you with a bare minimum of a subsistence lifestyle, and will give you eight unwanted children. Aren’t you excited? Well, you’re married now. Have a happy life!”

  23. imrduckington says

    I’ll take

    “What is absolutely abusive at every stage” for 500 Alex

  24. SunEarthMoonYou says

    What in the Handmaid’s Tale is this bullshit

  25. Separate_Definition says

    Let’s just say that this horrific hypothetical situation was actually reality. How on earth do these incels think that it would benefit them in any way???

    If women were graded by their hypothetical ‘value’ (blech) and matched up with men of a similar level – evaluated by wealth, job status, attractiveness, social standing, etc. that means the top tier women go to top tier guys. Right?

    Incels by any standard are at the bottom of the barrel. They themselves often describe themselves as ugly, poor, and social failures. By that very fact it means that they will ONLY be matched with bottom tier women.

    Ok so great, they’ll be matched with ugly women who can’t cook or clean or do basic math then. Is this what they want?

    In real life, people date and marry outside their so-called ‘league’ all the time. I’ve seen overweight dudes in mediocre jobs with gorgeous women and vice-versa. The incel system means this would never happen – so they actually have LESS of a chance of getting with a beautiful woman in their ideal hypothetical situation than in real life right now.

    The irony is that the solution in both situations, both real and hypothetical, is that they should focus on improving themselves if they desire a better mate. The only thing holding them back from being with a hot woman is themselves – they just don’t realize it.

  26. zulu1979 says

    This sounds like slavery but with extra steps

  27. SuperDork_ says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if these incels masturbate to each other’s fan fiction.

  28. dikembemutombo21 says

    A: I would really love a wife

    B: Oh you want a committed relationship with someone who you grow with and tackle life’s challenges alongside?

    A: Nah I just want someone I want to fuck that will do the chores I hate

  29. 5thAveShootingVictim says

    16 and 17 year old brides? Jesus Christ.

  30. fredy31 says

    Well these are definitely basement dwellers on one detail.

    Anybody that ever lived on it’s own knows that you will not make it with your budget on only one income except if you have a high class job, like Lawyer or Doctor.

    No low to middle status man can make a family live on his income alone.

  31. NiemollersCat says

    This is City of Endless Night shit


    Women of the different classes/races are selected at a young age to be trained as wives (if they don’t pass, they become entertainers/prostitutes) and are assigned/chosen as wives been who reached certain quota/distinction levels (and can be assigned to multiple men). Straight up eugenics shit.(the book is attacking, not promoting eugenics though)

  32. Dark_Link_1996 says

    So basically they want to go back to the early 20th Century when Women had no rights and had to listen to their husbands?

  33. cjdking says

    So slaves, then?

  34. xninjagrrl says

    too bad the author of this would not qualify for even the E girls

  35. ztoundas says

    >sex classes (when old enough)

    Thing is, whoever wrote this could probably use these themselves

  36. weeburdies says

    Incels want livestock, not actual humans.

  37. kovake says

    “Topless girls age 16-” aaannnd there it is.

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