With governor’s signature, Nevada becomes 2nd state with public health insurance option


Low-cost insurance plans not available until 2026, law says

Gov. Steve Sisolak signs SB 420 into law.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak signed a law Wednesday, creating a new state health insurance plan to compete with private insurers.

With the governor’s signature, Nevada became just the second state with a public option. The other is Washington.

The Nevada Public Option essentially allows the state to work with private insurers to craft low-cost policies. The policies will not become available until at least 2026, the law said.

“By leveraging the state’s existing health care infrastructure and reducing costs, it is my hope that Nevadans will have improved access to comprehensive insurance,” the governor said in a tweet Wednesday.

During the final hours of the legislative session last week, the state Senate agreed to changes passed in the Assembly, sending the final bill to Sisolak’s desk.

Supporters had argued the plan opens low-cost health care to more Nevadans, specifically those living in low-income and communities of color. Opponents had said the plan would be costly and should be left to the private market.

Senate Bill 420 also expands coverage for doulas and midwives, Sisolak said.

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