1. JudiSwitch says

    I typically do this because I don’t want to see/feel notifications. Not because they’re from my side ho, but because it’s almost always work.

  2. stolentext says

    This is the default state for my phone because I don’t like the constant distraction.

  3. htmaxpower says

    A salt shaker fell out of the spice cabinet and broke the screen of my iPad on the kitchen counter, and now my phone always rests screen-down in case anything is dropped on it.

  4. borderliner11 says

    One time my phone screen was facing up and I dropped something on it and broke it

  5. somanyroads7474 says

    Call me a fucking lunatic, but I usually just put mine in my pocket.

  6. BrokenMan4225 says

    See, I flip my phone over because of the way it sticks to the table, so if I brush my arm over it, to me, it seems like it would be less likely to go flying

    EDIT: I have a case on my phone, front of case is more resistant to movement

  7. El_human says

    It also prevents you from accidentally dripping your beverage on the screen

  8. Snoo36988 says

    I flip my phone over because I don’t give a shit about it, and I simply have it around in case someone needs me

  9. throwaway_sporker says

    Wow, I never knew people thought this meant I was cheating. Like I just flip my phone face down and put it away from me because that way it isn’t a distraction, and I’m not glancing at the notifications or anything. So yeah, it’s showing you that you have my undivided attention.

    Edit: fixed a word. Thank you for the jokes lol

  10. AloneAddiction says

    Erm… you can set your phone to mute all notifications if it’s placed face down. Especially useful if you’re in social situations.

    It’s called being polite.

  11. J-Viv says

    Can I just say, as a server I have developed a new pet peeve. I just grinds my gears when I walk up to a table hands full of food and everyone’s damn phones are on the table, they just stare blankly at me as I hold multiple plates of food. Like move your damn phones so I can put plates on the table where they are supposed to go, you do not need your phone on the table at all!!!!!

  12. nofishontuesday2 says

    Actually, I always keep my phone like that to avoid someone dropping something on it and cracking the screen.

    Not everyone is underhanded and sneaky

  13. Jmantheboss04 says

    I do it because I have anxiety and fear that I’ll get a Twitter notification about something I enjoy and then be ridiculed

  14. Toshiro-Kago says

    Man then my phone being in my pocket must be a confession of murder.

  15. thenomisong says

    It’s better to do this when you have a pop socket

  16. Cuzcopete says

    I keep mine turned over to protect the screen

  17. skeetsauce says

    Isn’t weird how the people who accuse everyone of cheating always end up being cheaters?

  18. hodorspot says

    I do it out of habit because when I was little I always kept my phone screen face up and my little brother tossed his Xbox controller on the couch and it busted my screen

  19. Strayphoenix6 says

    I typically do this because The back of my phone is against my palm and when I put my palm down and set my phone on the desk, the screen therefore is facing downward and gets set down that way. How paranoid do you have to be to read into that?

  20. NijiKoneko says

    I flip it over cause mine flashes everytime I get a notification, and I promise I don’t care about my notifications more than real life 😅 But, having ADD means I’m easily distracted, and one flash of my phone can see me zoning out of the convo for up to 20 minutes 🤷🏼‍♀️

  21. OhSoSolipsistic says


  22. IMeanIGuessDude says

    I use that as a way to know if someone is toxic. Everyone is allowed that privacy (cheating or not) so if you take that one small thing that far then I don’t wanna know you.

  23. thrillybizzaro says

    My pixel turns notifications off when it’s face down and makes it less distracting.

  24. VagabondRommel says

    I flip my phone over because I have ADHD and if I see something shiny like a reflection off the phonescreen I’ll look at it. Over and over again even though I know exactly what it is. Same thing goes for movement in my peripherals, I can’t stop myself from snapping my head around at mach 5.

  25. lokisilvertongue says

    These must be the same people who say “if you leave your phone on do not disturb you must not care about anyone else.” No, I value my sleep, and I also have the right *not to be disturbed.*

  26. Erinalope says

    I do this especially while eating ramen to keep my screen clean

  27. Knifiac says

    I flip my phone over so when I pick it up it’s facing my face

  28. Redditusername00001 says

    This is why you don’t put it up or down you balance it on a corner

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