1. itsyourmomcalling says

    I wanna see what they do to a slab of meat

  2. diMario says

    This is why you *never* use wood ants for your salad dressing.

  3. oddtoddious says

    With this pandemic, I too get this excited if I’m gently caressed.

  4. japdot says

    Poking things with sticks was peak entertainment when I was a kid. That and finding porn in the woods.

  5. creamygootness says

    Where is it spraying from, face or ass?

  6. spaghedie says

    Is the acid landing back on them? Does it affect them?

  7. sticky118 says

    The one in the middle is doing a war cry.

  8. benvonpluton says

    Formic acid. It makes them taste like lemon 🙂

  9. MegaPhat says

    Stop it stick-chan UwU

  10. Wildebeast1 says

    This is how vinegar is made.

  11. nyclurker369 says

    This is adorable. I imagined them as a million little Al Capone’s emptying their magazines after being surprised.

  12. Things_with_Stuff says


  13. Top_Brilliant1739 says

    Don’t they just look like they’re having the bestest of times. 👀

  14. evolnaj says

    I did not want to know that

  15. TearInto5th says

    Slightly disappointed that they don’t spray wood.

  16. Kipplemouse says

    Fun things to do in the woods:

    Eat berries

    Watch birds

    Build a boat out of treebark and float it down a brook

    Look for porn stashes

    Use a stick to turn an anthill into a German fetish club

  17. xXxRock_n_RollxXx says

    WHAT IS THIS!? A bukkake for ants?

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