1. likesghouls says

    Aaaaas youuuuuuuu wiiiiiiiiiiish!

  2. Memer_remeM says

    “Don’t worry it was calculated.”

  3. xinocollas says

    when your crush watches you mess up then taking out her vision works well ’cause now she can never watch you mess up

  4. BlitzMalefitz says

    I wanted to watch him go down the mountain completely. Why tease me?

  5. Joyboy12D says

    I wish I had a crush.

  6. tock-N-call-borture says

    A moment of silence for those who don’t even know about Red Dead Redemption 2

  7. Weebprotagonist says

    What game is this?

  8. pointlessly_pedantic says


  9. feralarchaeologist says

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, ohhh shiit….oooohhh wait wait wait *bam* 🤙

  10. elmichael1327 says

    Sled Dead Redemption

  11. Pandemic_Over says

    absurd master strike by stranger in the snow.

  12. Fixiple says

    Oh wow never laught so hard

  13. Altruistic_Pin1472 says

    What game is that?

  14. Bowen999 says

    One must experience physical pain when actions are taken the wrong path, when crush watches the

  15. pacerecon says

    Perfect execution

  16. DepressiveType says

    He have a plan.

  17. Ruby_Throated_Hummer says

    Club penguin feels

    I came here to laugh, not to feel

  18. Couch_Potato4567 says

    Smooth. Real smooth

  19. ammmukid says

    Is this red dead?

  20. deeohdoublegzzy says

    Which game?

  21. AnTRAE3000 says

    When you when you when the when you the when

  22. iUsedtoHadHerpes says

    Can’t say I really get the caption. Wouldn’t you be more likely to fuck up again if you already fucked up from being nervous that your crush is watching?

  23. KnowOneDotNinja says

    Task failed successfully

  24. AlphaGamer_Dubz says

    What game is this?

  25. Fenicithea21 says

    What is the name of the game?

  26. seamusdoherty says

    Hmm, I don’t remember this part of red dead 2, which chapter was that again?

  27. tierney76 says

    What game is this?

  28. DrMiDNigh says

    Now I want to play RDR2

  29. Deadeye420 says

    what game is this?

  30. ABadAdult says

    Weird asf comments but what game is it?

  31. TheReadingChicken says

    I don’t get it, your crush is watching so you kill someone and sled down a mountain?

  32. MePapiChulo says

    and then u gotta act like ur not hurt.

  33. CreditApprehensive94 says

    what game?

  34. hemantsaiiiniii says

    This is called heroism gone wrong. 😄

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