1. HappyInPDX says

    The fact that he got away with it for so long is very disturbing.

  2. Jerolcer says

    still not even close enough to what he deserves truly

  3. sysadminbj says

    Just…..wow. I can’t believe people think they can get away with treating people this way.

  4. LKane_DZ says

    How did it take so long for this to come out? He must have had other coworkers who witnessed his treatment.

  5. hofstaders_law says

    The restaurant owner is using a public defender, so I doubt he has even $100k to seize for the judgement.

  6. fkmeamaraight says

    Initially the dude was condemned to pay $ 273k which is the wages he was owed but never paid… with no damages! Wth kind of court didn’t think there was at least interest to be paid on the fact some of the work had been done 5 years prior?

    Good on the prosecution for appealing that decision and getting the dude what he was really owed : double the wages + overtime.

  7. anonymous-shad0w says

    >Edwards, who is White, pleaded guilty for not paying Smith, who is Black, any wages from 2009 to 2014 while Edwards managed the J&J Cafeteria in Conway.

    >Years of abuse at the restaurant started in 2009 when Edwards started managing the restaurant where Smith had been a buffet cook, authorities said. Smith had worked there since he was 12.

    Not paying the guy is only the tip of the iceberg. How does someone take this kind of abuse for 5 years? Deserves more in my opinion.

  8. Uisce-beatha says

    Ten years in prison isn’t quite enough for the literal enslavement of another human being. Life in prison without the possibility of parole would be more appropriate considering how long this carried on. People served more than ten years for selling drugs.

  9. dragonsfire242 says

    Ya know I read enslaved and thought “this sounds like a use of strong language for a clickbait title”

    Nope, he forced him to work with threats of violence and beat him when he wasn’t performing to his liking, that qualifies as far as I’m concerned, what in the fuck is wrong with people

  10. Dernyul says

    Half a million? Not enough.

  11. TillThen96 says

    Owner company, not doxxing, public information, Half Moon Foods, **Inc.**


    Not to be confused with Half Moon Foods, **LLC**. They seem to be completely different entities, the LLC being Canadian.

  12. Mckeyjane says

    Restaurant owners: people are so lazy nowadays, no one wants to work!!

    Also Restaurant Owners: *enslaves disabled man*

  13. adambuck66 says

    If the worker is receiving SSI wouldn’t winning this lawsuit fuck over his benefits? Or is the money just going to the state.

    Edit: I also meant to include Title 19 from medicaid.

  14. Physical-Many-9135 says

    Smith is disabled. its a long shot but hopefully he gets his money somehow and also has a responsible guardian who can manage it for him so he doesn’t get taken advantage of twice over.

  15. jalopkoala says

    What joy can a person possibly get from being able to buy a house or a car or even a sandwich because you saved money by **enslaving** someone. People confuse me more and more. I feel like my 20s I had cautious optimism. And now in my 30s I just think everyone is secretly garbage, just I don’t know their garbage yet. And hope I don’t have some kind of garbage I’m blind to.

  16. Unsere_rettung says

    Wow fuck this guy, should have got way more than 10 years. Give his ass 20.

    Is his bitch ass crying in the pic? What a r/imatotalpieceofshit

  17. dtyler86 says

    Entitled to overtime? This man is entitled to millions.. fuck double his “due pay”. This is awful. I’m sick just reading this

  18. kmrbels says

    Beating abusing burning tourturing and only a half mil?

  19. Laika_JR1390 says

    What an incredible piece of shit this guy is, unbelievable it took so long for someone to catch on and turn him in.

    He deserves the harshest sentence possible, what a cruel, horrible person.

  20. dontdothatinside says

    Wait, this happened over 5 years? And a social worker didn’t notice earlier? They’re supposed to meet their clients once a month…. seriously, so many places where this should have been caught sooner.

  21. Drmothball says

    And not one other employee witnessed this abuse for a whole five years? I find that hard to believe, which makes this even sicker.

  22. bard91R says

    Getting off easy for being a modern day slaver.

  23. toolargo says

    10 years sound like a lenient sentence for slavery. This man should have been given life in a “for profit” prison. Enslave his ass.

  24. US3RN4M3T4K3NH0W says

    And you know that fucker won’t pay a dime of the restitution money.

  25. Plonsky2 says

    South Carolina has always loved slavery.

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