1. Robert_McNuggets says

    unbanned-> enter server-> start heist-> get arrested -> get mald -> banned-> repeat

  2. Alejandro002 says

    He went from “I’ll buy a golf cart so I don’t break any laws” to unloading 4 clips in a cops head in one stream

  3. toggl3d says

    If xQc is malding this hard wait until he learns about civil forfeiture.

  4. Tekko__ says

    arguing with cops for no reason ✔️
    complaining about stolen goods ✔️
    15th hour in ✔️
    turbo-mald ✔️

    yep, must be an xQc stream

  5. Ric_FIair says

    He’s been live for 15 hours. The last 6 have been him malding.

  6. syjosolidum says

    Oh man I stayed until the end hoping his RP will get better but no, after the 12hr mark on stream it was so painful to watch. Cops were trying to be nice too, but he is just malding nonstop.

  7. FQVBSina says

    On one side we got Sykkuno and lean boys laughing it off after getting caught for vault heist and 6k in debt, and on this side we got X malding over 7k cash robbed from the bank.

  8. MrCage says

    xqc has some schizo levels of paranoia sometimes, not everyone in the server is out to fuck you over man

  9. Patuj says

    You can literally see how fucking mald he is OOC. Not bannable offense, but holy fuck that was pathetic.

  10. Ultranax says

    The cop is literally giving him an explanation and telling him how to get his money back. For some reason x takes that as an “L” and mald unloads on him for 30 seconds. Absolute weirdo.

  11. Robert_McNuggets says

    maybe perma banning him was actually a good idea after all.

  12. Nethervex says

    “Why does this keep happening?”

    ~NoPixel admins after unbanning xQc for the 7th time

  13. aligators says

    he’s actually just losing his mind

  14. 1SickVerse says

    the AYAYA dude is the biggest simp in chat LULW

  15. Miko166 says

    Xs RP today was straight up dogshit. Im sorry but i was excited for RP comeback… He literally can’t take L and its fact which you cant disagree on. Arguing about 7k which he literally robbed from bank then argued its his even though he f**king robbed bank. his argument? can you prove its stolen though? like Bruh can you prove it its yours tho? If you rob bank irl no one will even consider letting you have your own pocket money. Even after losing court still asking cops to give him money back what does he expect? is he really that delusional to expect that cop to give him 7k back? xD i dont see here how anyone can be on Xs side in this situation.

  16. HauntinglyEthereal says

    I tried to watch for like an hour but god, I couldn’t even do that. He straight up talked to people at BurgerShot like shit. Like these are real people, not NPCs. Just stop being a complete jackass.

  17. dosor1871 says

    MALD RP any% Speedrun?

  18. cellardoorends says

    I’d gladly watch another week of amogus, fall guys or mc speedruns over this garbage

  19. obnoxiousweaboo says

    Devs should add a parental lock to his account so it boots him off the server after 8 hours, forcing a 12 hour cooldown so he can fucking sleep

  20. PsychologicalNoise says

    His obsession with winning and acting like a baby when he doesn’t is such a true display of his actual character. Generally people like that aren’t very successful in life because people get tired of their shit real fast. I guess he’s successful because the same immature people watch him?

    Anyone with a few brain cells could reason that he was being a total twat here and had almost no ground to stand on

  21. Derunar says

    He kept shooting his face for like 20 seconds after the clip ended

  22. NeptuneOW says

    He genuinely needs to be permanently banned. It’s be better for everyone.

  23. Abject_Analysis_7267 says

    At least the cop doesnt talk after getting shot 30 times LULW

  24. OW_FUCK says

    LSF tomorrow: omg xQmanatee unjustly banned once again 🙁 🙁

  25. donut-saywow says

    shit rp, no ban

  26. eagledeagle says

    It’s not bannable but holy that was a shit show

  27. Human_TM says

    When he started playing GTARP yesterday he was so excited because all the money from old Bank jobs got him to almost 200k and now I wake up to this clip of him absolutely loosing it because of 7k? I love the GtaRp streams I really do but watching clips like this really frustrates me. Especially knowing how great the content can be. And the chat obviously agrees. Sucks too see it XqcL

  28. Zionmate says

    Don’t worry he’s just Roleplaying a delusional degenerate

  29. RabbitBTW says

    So fucking cringe.

  30. Ecliipez says

    I can’t watch his GTA RP streams anymore he gets so mald over nothing

  31. Romo_Jck says

    Can someone explain why killing this cop in the game would get him banned? I just have no context, is it like a strict RP?

  32. Dsafko10 says

    Ya he’s mald but this isn’t ban worthy, people kill them all the time. If he’s had something against this guy then he can kill him

  33. thebuckbuckno1 says

    I get why they let him on the server. I’m even ok with him getting banned for stupid stuff because who cares they want the views so they allow it for a while. However this is harassments of players and admins that built the server and made it what it is. at the end of the day no pixel is a business and you cant have someone even a big client come in and abuse your employees., especially in public. Its not our problem hes too entitled to realize he talking to a real person.

  34. Antiax says

    I tuned into the stream when he crossed the 12h mark into the stream and it was extremely painful to watch and made xQc look like a horrible person.

    It is unbelievable with what contempt he treats other people. It is also sad that they allow this to happen and there is no one actually to tell him he behaves in the most pathetic way possible. He constatly needs to fight other people, interrupt, make up stories, make up laws and customs and when he is making up all those things he always has those kids in the chat who give him appreciation and confirmation of his words and he looks for that.

    He should just quit this “RP” because it’s not RP at this point and I believe he makes other people’s day much worse.

  35. GoodDayToPlayTheGame says

    Entitled streamers when that can’t do what they want.

  36. Hakoocr7 says

    ban speedrun % ?

  37. Trez- says

    i was excited for X comin back but man anytime he gets caught he throws a massive fit like a massive child and makes the RP unenjoyable for everyone else. Dude deserves a perma, he’s incapable of doing non-toxic RP unfortunately

  38. AY_DRIAN says

    15 minutes 70 comments wew lad

  39. JamieQ95 says

    I think people have to chill on thinking everything is a potential ban but Xs return was pretty disappointing imo. I was excited for his return but he clearly still holds crazy grudges against the cops and it’s simply a matter of time before he crosses the line OOC and gets banned.

  40. Tweetledeedle says

    I feel like XQC is majorly addiction prone. He put out a YouTube video like a month ago saying he wasn’t going back to nopixel and now he’s back streaming for 10+ hours straight.

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