1. comwolf2003 says

    It is realistic… realistic gameplay

  2. Frankie_99 says

    Gotta pull out the shit bucket from storage again

  3. roguevoid555 says

    oh! my grandfather did this move when he served!
    Unfortunately he couldn’t get back in, and the other plane kept flying

  4. ALR-Sniperz312 says

    Embracing their inner Battlefield 3 and 4

  5. mastersniper110 says

    Quick! Where is my Jeep stuff?!

  6. _doG_Backwards says

    I am assuming that he had shoved that Rocket Launcher up his ass prior to boarding the F-35.

  7. Metalhotdonottouch says

    After the player sent the quad into the little bird I knew they were talking to the playerbase. When I saw the jets I knew they were going to show a Rendezook! Sooo happy that they went to all the trouble to make this video. It felt like they were saying “let’s do more crazy stuff together, lets make it happen.” Your game doesnt have to be super realistic to be fun, it just has to have opportunities for players to have fun.

  8. meibak says

    What? I can do that!

  9. AxenVonKlatismrk says

    Is this based on that clip where dude pulled exactly this trick shot?
    Edit : found the clip

  10. P4L4DlN says

    Watch carefully kids, i only show you once

  11. No_More_Hero265 says

    Let’s be honest… I’m pretty sure all Battlefield players have done this at one point.


    FaZe after becoming an elite U.S.A.F regiment

  13. CasualBiceps says


  14. VillianMakinSense says

    Havent been interested in the battlefield franchise bit want to try it. Should I and which ones the best to start off of. PC

  15. Phantom_Basker says

    Can’t believe they made an entire game about Jack Frags’ life story

  16. madman_trombonist says

    First rule of video games: realism isn’t cool

  17. pedrinhogameplays404 says

    Its based on the game

  18. broomaktamer117 says

    this is what every shooter is all about. TRICKSHOTS

  19. Deathmedical says

    Some A+ Bollywood stunts right here.

  20. Call_Me_Milkman_Evan says

    its cool and funny at the same time

  21. floatslikeaniccyrush says

    Tbh I thought it was a pretty cool throwback to that shot some guy did back on bf3. I could be mistaken on whether it’s bf3 or bf4 but I thought it was quite a nice touch to the fans and the community!

  22. Mastergate6-4 says

    *Cries in titanfall trailers*

  23. T3tsari0n says

    Okay. People say that this game is too futuristic. One. We already have all the technology featured. And two. Superstores in 2042 are going to be more common. Also. It’s a video game. Set in the future. Like. Comeon. This stuff looks friggen AMAZING.

  24. AngryTomato99 says

    Some people have no idea how boring videogames would be if they were all realistic

  25. Ecstatic_Oil_3445 says

    That F-35 looks THICC

  26. AFlyinDeer says

    I mean that’s what battlefield is about

  27. Kmangcu24 says

    That one developer from Bollywood be like,”guys I have a vision of what the scene is gonna look like!”

  28. Acceptable-Bus-575 says

    I had goosebumps and to many flashbacks to battlefield4 from this scene alone !!! This game will be epic

  29. walla_walla_rhubarb says

    2042 version of, “parry this you fucking casual!”

  30. Well2far says

    I love that this is almost the same kind of clip that happened 8 years ago

    [jet swap](https://youtu.be/DzfErvendNA)

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