1. Matador32 says

    But it’s not Burger King and Popeyes, it’s Burger King and Chick-fil-A.

  2. Red_Nine9 says

    I thought it was Burger King vs. Chick-fil-A.

  3. Asshunter13 says

    Same as Wesfarmers in Australia. Owns both Target and Kmart, constantly (or at least used to be) in fierce competition when being two of the three largest department stores.

  4. peoplewhoare says

    Food waste is terrible, and our modern political parties are weird, aren’t they? It’s as if they swarm the same country and are influenced by the same culture. Capitalism is worshipped. So is their tax base. And if they ever complained about capitalism, they may not have been sincere. Because they dining at finer than Popeye’s and enjoying themselves. Because our careers weren’t good enough and we had to go to college. Tax base. No real care for the culture, or even agriculture.

  5. yebattebyasuka says

    It’s also ironic.

    Chick-Fil-A is bigoted like conservatives, and Burger King is a corporate entity which pretends to be ‘good’ just like liberals.

  6. 4th_dimensi0n says

    Instead of chicken sandwich wars its culture wars

  7. BWWFC says

    tried the ch’king… oof. and what’s happened to the onion rings??? $8 (cha-ching??) for meh and ick

    seems popeyes is a strong option and chickfila is still the reining champ.

    kfc is next on the list… once ive recovered from the ch’king

  8. ganbaro says

    I don’t like such AlL pOlItIcIaNs aRe ThE sAmE memes

    As if another round of Trump wouldn’t be so much worse than Biden. As if Bernie wouldn’t be better than both

    This kind of jokes only triggers resignation and passiveness, not critical thinking and desire for change

  9. BigPapaPage716 says

    I keep seeing this but in all honesty is was chikfila and Popeyes

  10. jonmpls says

    Why is this really dumb — and factually incorrect — take still circulating?

  11. awezumsaws says

    Brilliance in print

  12. MamaAvalon says

    This post doesn’t really belong here because it’s inaccurate. It was Burger King vs. Chick-fil-a and as a lesbian, it absolutely matters. I personally loved [Burger King’s burn of Chick-fil-a](https://twitter.com/BurgerKing/status/1400618810571362305) on twitter and the fact that they are donating 40 cents of each Ch’King sandwich to HRC up to $250,000. I mean yeah they are a big corporation and they suck but if you’re gonna be a big corporation and suck, at least donate to gay rights while doing it LOL. The eyes emoji after mentioning that they’re open on Sunday was priceless. There are a lot of companies that provide lip service to gay rights, make their logo rainbow during pride month and such but have horrible workplace policies towards actual LGBT employees and donate $0 from the sales of rainbow items to gay rights. The sandwich is around 4 bucks so that means around 10% of the cost of the item is being donated which to me seems pretty good given the lower margin of profit on food items. Considering that Popeyes first ignited the fast food chicken sandwich wars in 2019, it only makes sense that Burger King would want to come out with a sandwich of their own. In fact, they said the Ch’King has been 2 years in development so that’s likely precisely why. Chicken is cheaper than beef. It isn’t them trying to compete with their own selves which would make no sense.

  13. pharaohmaones says

    Church’s and Colonel’s are both in this fray as well

  14. pirateofmemes says

    love how the top comments are correcting this tweet in order to defend the corporate masters.

  15. Bjubers says

    This issue is actually more important than anything politicians bicker about

  16. Admin-12 says

    And in the before times it was said that chicken sandy witches from waring factions were led by the same one eyed old man who changed the color of his suspenders to match the side he currently visited. The sandy witches, being made entirely of chicken, didn’t seem to notice when he showed up wearing the opposite sides colors. Eventually the old man gave up pretending he wasn’t playing both side against the middle and openly commanded both parties of witches to fire on each other with sauce cannons and fry missiles. The whole thing was chaotic and yet quite tasty. The remnants of the battlefields attracted fierce yarn hunters who became a bigger threat to the chicken sandy witches and so the two groups joined as one.

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