1. portotheprablem says

    That seems like it might be bad for the environment.

  2. poopiehands says

    Electronics just became more expensive

  3. scipio211 says

    I bet the Fumes coming off that were nice on the lungs

  4. uniq_username says

    For the love of elmo please tell me this isn’t a plant that makes electronics silicon.

  5. stringsndiscs says

    How many carbon credits is that right there

  6. jlasher says

    This is not how you move your business to the cloud

  7. mrstabbeypants says

    That can’t be good for the air in the neighborhood, let alone for any firefighters or other emergency personnel.

  8. metrocreature88 says

    Obviously nobody tried pouring a beer on it

  9. T3ddyBeast says

    This won’t help gpu supplies….

  10. Fosnez says

    Don’t breathe that.

  11. Willyzyx says

    Even more expensive GPUs?

  12. TompallGlaser says

    Every day it seems we see some catastrophic failure that is spewing huge amounts of toxic crap into the environment. Winning. Totally winning.

  13. Lucky_Tie says

    Polysilicon is a semiconductor. Semiconductors are one of the reasons for the computer chip shortages. Maybe it’s only going to get worse

  14. LeMuffinButton says

    Is it just me or have I become so desensitized to fires that if it doesn’t end in an explosion I kinda think it’s not a great video?

  15. matrixsensei says

    That might affect production

  16. baseballgrow6 says

    Didn’t know we were shorting raw materials now oh lord

  17. cha-cho says

    The NBA says the air in Xinjiang is now cleaner than ever.

  18. InterlockBoot says

    Run. Do not breath in that shit. Sillicates are horrible horrible toxic nasty things.

    If you live in the area take 3 months off and bugger off well well well out of range of the fallout.

    Worse than asbestos.

  19. The_World_of_Ben says

    Damn I forgot to recycle my newspaper today

  20. AtomicstereoZ10 says

    PS5 scalpers rubbing their hands together and licking their lips.
    Jokes aside I hope everyone living near there is ok from that amount of toxic smoke.

  21. justpassingthrou14 says

    I first read this as “psilocybin plant” and was thinking “huh, it doesn’t LOOK like a mushroom cloud…”

  22. miniature-rugby-ball says

    Oh shit. You can bet your life that the constituents of that smoke will have extremely negative health consequences for the locals.

  23. TheRealCormanoWild says

    Just a weird thought but the developed world exporting all the most dangerous and dirty manufacturing processes to developing countries and then mocking those same countries on the internet for shouldering all the risks to make us our GamerBox LootCrate Master Hand Oven Gloves and all of our solar panels isn’t a great look

  24. acpgfc says

    Yeah I wouldn’t be standing there so calmly breathing that shit in.

  25. dlbear says

    That’s enough to change the weather of an entire region.

  26. CodeSmith90 says

    Because their air quality was tip top before this hahaha

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