1. sge_freaky says

    brooo why did you have to take that EXACT pic. It’s like the scene perfectly narrated by one picture lmfao

  2. OneEyyedWilly says

    And why should your songs be unfit for my halls? Come, sing me a song.

  3. Fraggdachs says

    I hate this scene so fucking much. It’s so disgusting somehow

  4. Blues-Boi says

    I hate him so much he almost ruined eating tomatoes for me but Billy Boyd’s beautiful voice helped me retain my love of tomatoes.

  5. vicRN says

    And it’s like, if Denethor was eating a burrito, it would be fine. Burritos are messy. But why are you eating a cherry tomato like that, my dude. How can we expect someone to competently be the steward of Gondor when they can’t even be trusted to eat tomatoes correctly.

  6. shitterfarter says

    my man straight succin them tomates

  7. jimmenecromancer says

    Breaking bad, Skyler singing happy birthday to Ted. Worst scene ever

  8. ABusloadOfKids1 says

    That scene was so well done

  9. AnEnemyStando says

    Broke: “Why didn’t they just take the eagles?”

    Woke: “Why did he eat it like that?”

  10. WillWall16 says

    Please mark nsfw

  11. EssexHaze says

    Re-watching the other day, so many of the Denethor scenes are hard to watch. I had forgotten the scene where he slowly douses himself in the oil while chanting, it creeped me out.

  12. jpbusko says

    Did you mean erotic

  13. toldy_folds says

    I use that scene like a commercial break.

  14. throwitfarintothesea says

    I don’t get it. That scene makes me hungry the grapes the meat the wine a delicious tomato…maybe I am too am a Steward of Gondor who hates my youngest child and hope he gets eaten by orcs

  15. HenryFurHire says

    This scene is peak ASMR tho

  16. cadzman says

    The rule of tomato is mine! And no others.

  17. Ok-Improvement2011 says

    The Blaargh scene comes a close second, along with the scene where Frodo gets his finger bitten off

  18. TheLoneTenno says

    It really is though. They shot this scene perfectly because it’s so repulsive.

  19. Putfyre says

    I’ll never forget when I saw this movie in the theaters, when this scene came around a man VOMITED on a guy in the row in front of him. He continued vomiting as he made his way out of the theater, and a couple minutes later the poor guy that got puked on walked out of the theater with an expression that mixed disbelief and shellshock

  20. TheFearInAll says

    And the song Pippin sings with the scene just makes it all the more creepy and sad.

  21. fedfan101 says
  22. Deathstar_TV says

    I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, this scene makes me want cherry tomatoes.

  23. Randomgal___ says

    My mother can’t watch this scene, me neither. It’s too disgusting. I just look on my phone so I can still hear the beautiful song

  24. Brittle5quire says

    The executive producers list in the credits is much worse

  25. theundercoverpapist says

    John Noble ignominiously devouring a cherry tomato.

  26. Snack_on_my_Flapjack says

    Ugh yea that’s a bad scene. Also the scene with Bernie Mac eating oranges in Bad Santa. Just ugh.

  27. goddoesntloveyou says

    How do I turn off the sound for this picture?

  28. HawkeyeP1 says

    If you take multiple bites of a fuckin cherry tomato, you’re either a child, a monster, or Denethor.

  29. TFurlo says

    Years of torment could have been avoided if he just ate the whole thing

  30. Kydex_Gundyr says

    This shit hot as hell

  31. SquidwardsKeef says

    “He’s going to eat food in a way thats going to make the cherry tomato industry have a rough couple of quarters”


    “Yeah their stocks are definitely gonna take a hit when this movie comes out”

  32. qkrrmsdud says

    All shall fade, aaalllLlLLLllLll shhaaaallllll… fade.

  33. koldlaser77 says

    I love this scene. Savagely beautiful.

  34. aaronkuzzy says

    Watching that scene with pippin singing is a cinematic greatness

  35. Bapgo says

    Is that a cherry? I still can’t tie one in a knot.

  36. StatelyElms says

    I made it through war documentaries showing actual humans shot through the head, nibbled on by rats and killed in general.

    I could not make it through Dethenor’s cherry tomato scene

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