1. jlmckelvey91 says

    Maybe we just want to deal with other’s bullshit on a full night’s sleep.

  2. ciel_lanila says

    My phone can set exemptions for certain people. If the same person calls several times the phone will let it get through.

    Anyone me that urgently will either be on the exemption list, call several times, or knows who knows where my hidden house key is.

  3. Harmacc says

    Anyone who I wouldn’t mind waking me up is already in my house.

  4. FeathersMcGraw-Hill says

    My phone is always set to silent lol

  5. Azure5577 says

    “A telemarketer calls you at 4am. They have really good deals on silver armor but your insight check tells you something fishy is going on here. What do you do? I remind you it’s 4am, you’re groggy so your next check is with disadvantage”

  6. ineedabuttrub says

    I’m over 2000 miles from everyone I know except my roommate. Anything that requires a call can wait til morning cause a few hours won’t matter either way.

  7. An8thOfFeanor says

    When you get to roll a dexterity save to stop that dick pic from accidentally going to your family chat

  8. Helpfulricekrispie says

    So what kind of mode would dungeons and dragons be?

  9. Goodkall says

    People who call at 2 am wanting a ride to taco bell 3 towns over because they give you 2 extra sauce packets for no extra charge and they want to pay you in weed instead of gas money but they don’t have it now they’ll get it to you next week don’t give AF about other people’s lives.

  10. Elro0003 says

    What does dnd mean if not DnD?

  11. Saikotsu says

    Either that or they have a friend like me who forgets not everyone is a nightowl like them and messages later at night / early in the morning

  12. jdunk1991 says


  13. Village_People_Cop says

    My phone is permanently on silent mode. Best decision I made in years, I do use a whitelist app for certain calls to get through (the only people whitelisted will only call me when something serious is happening) and literally everything else can wait until I want to take a look at my phone

  14. Jrmcgarry says

    Never slept better

  15. CzarOfCT says

    I have my wife next to me in bed, and my daughter in her room. I’m all set. People need to call 9-1-1, not me.

  16. OverlyShyEnby says

    Whoever feels the need to call ME for help during the night is just fucked anyway. When you are desperate enough that you think I could do anything.. Oh boy. I’m utterly useless,

  17. Infynis says

    My phone is always on Dungeons and Dragons mode

  18. Varisalltrades says

    Some of us wouldn’t wake up anyway…

    Still, I wish I could set my phone to DND

  19. BoyishTheStrange says

    I’d rather not be woken up every five seconds by discord

  20. Ahnma_Dehv says

    so what the hell is DnD if it’s not Dungeon & Dragon?

  21. antipodal-chilli says

    Wait till she finds out phones have an off switch.

  22. AtticusBoii says

    I didnt know what they meant till I saw a reply

  23. re_error says

    Ever since I was woken up 3 times by a robo call, I’m muting my phone.

  24. Main-Mammoth says

    Oh fuck that. I turn it off.

  25. AllTheSith says

    Maybe because the only messages that I receive are reddit replies and spam

  26. forgetfuljones78 says

    Or your spouse works early and your priorities are correct.

  27. Brodin_fortifies says

    I work night shift. I get to sleep usually around 6 am and I go in around 5 pm, sometimes earlier. The world can burn while I’m sleeping as far as I’m concerned.

  28. Saikotsu says


  29. Hyphalspace says

    dnd mode: when only the gaming group can get to you

  30. one51s says

    I have this, it translates bad news into a language I can understand. +Rings at midnight+

    “A dragon has attacked your Auntie Silvia and dealt a critical blow for 137 fire damage. Casting healing spell now at Hope General, please contribute Mana points and bring her iPad as soon as you receive this.”

  31. gooztrz says

    My phone is never not on silent, just vibrate. And I sleep with earplugs, good luck calling me in the middle of the night

  32. BorginLudenheim says

    I personally use a whitelist of people who can call me anytime and everybody else should fuck off

  33. CommonMilkweed says

    Send me a letter if you want to speak. How come my ancestors had the right to peace and quiet and I don’t? Fucking bullshit

  34. don_cornichon says

    I wonder what she will make of people who keep their phones on silent all day (me).

  35. fushuan says

    That’s why I have set up some contacts that, if it’s actually important, the second call will bypass the DND or silent mode. They know, and there have been no issues. If you are not on that list I’m not waking up for you, sorry not sorry.

  36. wowtofunofu says

    Yeah I’m not trying to get text at 2am with memes for my dumbass friends. Or fucking groups text are the worst

  37. Revenge1213111 says

    It doesn’t change the fact that I’m asleep and you calling at 3 in the morning won’t wake me up

  38. golem501 says

    My phone is on silent by default and on do not disturb when I sleep. We still have a landline both my parents and my wife parents use anyway.
    Exception is if my Wife is not home, then the sound goes on and on LOUD. Do not disturb doesn’t effect her because she’s in my emergency list so she gets through and her text messages get through.

  39. Wut0ng says

    While in DnD, my phone doesn’t ring unless it’s my girlfriend calling me

  40. TheLoneTenno says

    Someone I have on snapchat put “DND?” on their story the other day. I asked them if they meant D&D and they said no just “do not disturb”. I think I have a problem

  41. Bemily69 says

    absolute psychopathic take

  42. GreenZepp says

    Lol, Me too! I was like…….where the hell is that setting!?

  43. ericgall says

    Thanks for reminding me to shut down My phone.

  44. Desperate-Promotion1 says

    I have to sleep during the day so yes, DND is a must.

  45. NocturnalNympho says

    I work at night and sleep in the fucking day. sorry I don’t want to be woken up by my near daily scam calls about my car’s extended warranty in the middle of the afternoon.

  46. Kibounoakuma says


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