1. clitYeastJuice says

    It’s been 4 minutes now. Let’s colour shit together!

  2. ethman14 says

    How many screencaps can you take of this fight and make a love story?

  3. Wake_up_Mr_Westeros says

    Logan Paul is a right thick cunt.
    10/10 meme

  4. Slyppikachu says

    5y/o me when homie likes the same dinosaur as me

  5. Mrballon_hands01 says

    The black and white community when crayola came out with Multi-culticultuarl crayons

  6. SpeedyWhiteCats says

    Fight was so anticlimactic

  7. Cheesyduck126 says

    Wait the right already happened?

    Who won?

  8. BBCprince7 says

    Who won this fight?

  9. Relentik says

    Mike Tyson was watching this. “Now kith.”

  10. mynameistory says

    The box that had the onboard crayon sharpener. Goatest.

  11. NobleCyborgSavagee says

    So we’re people betting on this shit and then it’s declared a draw 🤣🤣🤣???

  12. microcyb says

    Floyd held back and didn’t even break a sweat, which is understandable… if someone offered me 50M$ to play around with a 3 year 0-0-1 amateur boxer, while I’m 50-0 and won against Maidana, Pacquiao, Canelo and other boxing legends, I would do it.

  13. mysuckyusername says

    Damn you people are fast.

  14. X_Smash_X says

    Nice cock

  15. Mammoth-Performer-19 says

    Those where the days

  16. theels6 says

    He let me use his sky blue yall and sun yellow for my art homework. My ride or die

  17. DirpyJellyFish says

    This one image sums up the hole fight

  18. blunt__nation says

    Hey, $250k is $250k

  19. Akas007 says
  20. MrBulldops5878 says

    Dogshit ass exhibition match, feel bad for anyone who paid for that garbage.

  21. Black1451 says

    Dj khaled lite looks great in a refree suit and a nice haircut.

  22. TWP_Videos says

    Why is DJ Khaled the referee?

  23. ggxfgh says

    Then you have fun breaking them and taking off the wrappers

  24. X_Smash_X says

    I love kindergarten

  25. DragXom says

    This fight was highly memeable

  26. ZippZappZippty says

    Feels good to see a homie takin tags

  27. CHAD_MASTER_69_420 says

    It’s all fun until your homie ask for skin colored crayon.

  28. BigManMonkey says


  29. MincePatter says

    He’s going to hand you the wrong skin colour

  30. ZippZappZippty says

    This sounds like it’s just a joke homie

  31. Jaggee says

    this has turned into the worst subreddit

  32. HandToDog says

    So at least we all now know that it cost about $10M to spar with floyd

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