1. OffManWall says


  2. Stillwiththe says

    I want to know what the brunette said

  3. Nemair says

    Aaaah Oktoberfest, that magical time of the year 😍

  4. StrongStyleMuscle says

    It’s crazy that even seeing the blonde hit 1st everyone’s immediate reaction makes it obvious the brunette escalated the altercation.

  5. ThorosOfTears says

    Wearing a ponytail and then acosting a beer wench who carries numerous lbs. of beer daily seems risky af.. That bitch has serious grip strength.

  6. Downtown-Elephant-90 says

    Where’s the sound

  7. batdog282 says

    Where the sound

  8. SamHurdles says

    Awww 😍 when r/fightporn meets r/upvotebecauseboobs

  9. Nippys4 says

    Wish we had some context to this video

    What causes these two beer girls to attack a customer like that?

  10. DFcolt says

    Swinging punches with a beer stein in your hand is a very stupid thing to do.

  11. xlostboys says

    Hair pulling is just as cheap as kicking somebody balls and running

  12. Fred_Evil says

    Pretty sure the first chick in yellow and white is Lagertha, that girl is in trouble.

  13. celestialspacelover says

    I know there is a whole fight going on but I am obsessed with the dresses. Those ladies look so beautiful ❤️. What kind of dresses are those?

  14. pcv75 says

    “You never break up a girl fight….NEVER!!!!”


    her left boob was touched at 0:08 , damn!

  16. SILENTSAM69 says

    Trashy beer wenches.

  17. BoulderCreature says

    I don’t cry over spilled milk, but I fuckin throw down over spilled beer

  18. smdwillis1 says

    Fuck her up

  19. beastio95 says

    I’ve always dreamed of going to an event like this.

  20. Maddin1302 says


  21. Layin_pipe_ says

    Bitches be trippin🤣

  22. Jlx_27 says

    How to get fired at Oct fest.

  23. NoMeansNoBillCosby_ says

    Omfg that’s hot

  24. ChrisGaylor says

    Hell yeah!!

  25. Bongjesusthewise says

    I just feel sorry for the girl in the back who took the whole pint to the face

  26. nfxprime2kx says

    What a waste of a beer.

  27. jimmmmih says

    I love a good roughing up. 😂

  28. Clam_Chowdeh says

    Why do girls pull hair when they fight?

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